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A New Day

Every day at my house is a “new day”. I have a mother with Dementia, Alzheimer’s type
with psychotic episodes. So what can I say? I love her I do, with all my heart and
I’m here with her to try and make her last few years as good as they can be. I’m her
daughter, her case manager, her maid, cook, and gardener. She is resentful. She is
hateful towards me, she berates me on a daily basis and yes, I ignore it all and decided
to start a blog to try and help other people because that is what I do best. That is what
makes me happy in life. Life is so limited that you have to take what you get and make
the best of it.



I have spent the better part of my 50 years on this earth helping people.  As a registered nurse,  I have always enjoyed making sure people are happy and healthy.   I have decided to donate text 50 years of life on offering advice to people that are distraught about some aspect of their lives.  Only you can help me though.  Just submit your questions by email to   Names will never be published.  Only the question/problem with some viable advice.

Send in your questions and I’ll provide the best possible answer to your daily problems.  Nothing is off limits.  I have extensive experience on life and problems encountered in all types of relationships. From teens to elders,  I will answer your questions honestly and practically.  It may not be the answer you want to hear.  but I will guide you with the best possible advice and post your question anonymously (of course) to my blog so  that not only you can benefit,  but others can as well.


Looking forward to your questions!